Orbit supported SOS Children’s Villages for the third time. Underprivileged children have been donated 2.5 million Czech crowns!

Prague, November 15, 2018  – Every child deserves to smile. And for the third time through its Smile Back campaign Orbit managed to give a reason to smile to underprivileged children from SOS Children’s Villages. Over the last three years Orbit donated 1 % from price of all products sold during the six-weeks-long campaigns to SOS Children’s Villages. Except for the financial support Orbit also contributed to raising awareness of proper dental hygiene and to personal development of children. Over the years the amount donated to the Villages surpassed 2.5 million Czech crowns which is a number that significantly helps to keep the foundation running in the Czech Republic. You can help as well, even now when the campaign is over. Find out how at www.oplatusmev.cz.


This year’s campaign resulted in 832 645 Czech crowns raised. The finances will be used for salaries of social workers and educators and also for thorough renovation of bathrooms in Brno SOS Children’s Village. As a part of the Smile Back campaign Orbit also prepared dental hygiene workshops where campaign’s ambassador Iva Kubelková was present. Musically talented children from the Villages also recorded a song called “Úsmev” (Smile) with her that accompanied the campaign.     


“Orbit truly appreciates its partnership with SOS Children’s Villages and we are delighted that during this year we once again managed to raise beautiful amount that is going to help right where it’s needed the most. I believe that genuine children’s smile is the best reward for everybody involved,” Denisa Žideková, Orbit Brand Manager Central Europe, commented on the third year of the campaign. 


Mgr. Jindra Šalátová, Natinal Director of SOS Children’s Villages, added: „For past three years also thanks to cooperation with Orbit conditions for children in our care have been improving, and thanks to activities that are part of the Smile Back campaign children have gained more confidence and desire to smile. Both is very important for their future and healthy personal development so that they can become confident people which is a contribution beyond numbers.” 


Orbit is a leading brand of sugar-free chewing gums and it focuses not just on dental benefits of chewing gums but also on beautiful and healthy smile which helps to boost self-esteem and desire to smile in any situation. It also aims to shine light on importance of regular and proper dental hygiene. Orbit brand connects these aspects and continuously stresses the idea that self-esteem and desire to smile come naturally with clean teeth and its altogether healthiness which Orbit sugar-free chewing gums help to achieve. Sugar-free chewing gums are simple and practical way to support healthy and beautiful smile and they also enable us to feel better in any situation. 


SOS Children’s Villages are one of the most prominent NGOs in the Czech Republic. They help hundreds of families in danger of having their child taken away from them annually and also to maltreated, abused and neglected children who can’t grow up in their original families. SOS Children’s Villages provide complex services reaching from prevention of taking children from their families to imminent help to children in need. They also support foster families and underprivileged young people entering adult live. You can support the organization and its program by contributing to 211 757 409 / 0300. 



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