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CEO Grant F. Reid Talks Business Transformation
Our CEO Talks Transformation, Purpose and Sustainability with Bloomberg

In a recent Bloomberg Businessweek Debrief, our CEO Grant F. Reid revealed why Mars has been a powerhouse for the last 100 years, and according to him, it’s all down to our emotional connection with you, the consumer. And consumers aren’t just connecting over our products – they’re connecting to the vision of how we do business today, in service of the world we want tomorrow. Not just for Mars, but for everyone. 
Mars truly believes that the world we want tomorrow starts with how we do business today. It’s not just a vision, it’s our compass for how we interact with the world – keeping one eye firmly on the future, and making choices that help us make progress in the near term without compromising on the future we want to create. 

Reid said of Mars, “Our vision is to keep our company privately held.” He explained that by remaining family-owned, Mars has the financial freedom to make decisions with a long-term view. “Performance without purpose isn’t meaningful. Purpose without performance isn’t achievable. We need to deliver on both.” This is the vision he believes will carry the company through the next 100 years and beyond. In his interview, Reid explained that Mars is actively working to cut our greenhouse emissions, support local communities and provide nutritious meals for families and pets around the globe. 

Reid also discussed opportunities and challenges in today’s fast-moving business, social and environmental landscape. He shared that we aim to double sales to $70 billion by expanding growth in our core categories, while also taking advantage of opportunities to expand our portfolio and the value we can deliver to consumers through acquisitions.   
He concluded that keeping an eye on the future we want to create, while staying grounded by The Five Principles, will create a future of which we can be proud. 

For more on Reid’s perspective — from the Family’s involvement in the business to why a confectionery company chose to expand into pet care — read the full Bloomberg article here.

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